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This one will get a redo...
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3v at 50 shavings ()

David Weaver
..just as I gave the V11 a redo, this iron is the one that has to go in a different plane because it's larger. I have to be sure that the small nicks aren't related to dirt that I didn't manage to get off of the plane. I filed the mouth of this plane and added a peined tab to the cap iron a few days ago - definitely opportunity for contamination.

If I get the same results again (small nicks), we'll continue on.

I think it's safe to say that this level of edge uniformity to start is rare (not the 1 micron finish, that's easy to get - but the lack of any lines or nicks or anything at this magnification level after you sharpen and handle an iron.) Once this test is complete if the results are reasonable in one go, I will test other things, and that will provide the ability to see how the irons do with more ordinary edges.

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