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My Lot in Life Seems to be (K&K paper from Bill)

David Weaver
My lot in life seems to be pondering and testing things or figuring things out to find that Kato and Kawai have already run tests and documented them.

In my iron test, I wanted to identify overall durability in terms of life, edge condition while planing - both absolute and subjectively how much variance from sharp to dull.

And as a separate side test, I mentioned I'd like to figure out the best I can do producing an iron that has little tendency toward wire edges relative to others.

Bill notified me that K&K have, in fact, done this test previously for plane irons, and they even commented on wire edges. I'm still going to complete mine, but as of yesterday, I now know what they found:
1) that higher carbide steels last longer than simpler steels where the bogey is the number of feet planed before an iron won't lift a shaving by itself
2) surface condition from carbon steel (they used white steel) remains more constant and higher quality with the carbon steel iron, despite the fact that the carbon steel iron wears faster
3) at least comparing M2 and white steel, relative feet planed for the high carbon steel before needing a refresh was 65% of the M2

They literally hit every single thing I was intending to look at, all the way down to the wire edges.

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My Lot in Life Seems to be (K&K paper from Bill)
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