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David Weaver
Not sure where the double iron came into this.

I gathered this - the post was about blade steel, demonstration of a plane being used to smooth was shown, and despite the superiority of the blade steel, the subject project (which is flat, we're not talking about guitars or curved drawers) was sanded after planing.

Nothing to do with the double iron, and more a question of why wouldn't such a nice blade leave a finish ready surface?

At least I gather that's where warren was going. This is sort of a repeat (ex double iron or M4) of many prior threads. Well, not sort of. Without the discussion of M4, this is the same as many prior.

The blade test has two purposes - one to determine how long each of these blades will last before it stops taking a shaving on its own. The second is whether or not the iron can deliver a finish ready surface during the process and for how long.

I mentioned setting the double iron to test these irons, but it has less to do with tearout mitigation and more to do with setting the plane up for the test exactly how a sensible person would do it.

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