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Re: tales from the selectively stingy

david weaver
I have done the same. It feels great. silky fingertips.

My bias toward planing causes me to follow up something like this with gray and then white scotchbrite, with oil in both while doing it. It's divine. It's also (from a laziness standpoint) a lot easier to get through if the planing is perfect before you do it.

This kind of finish is about the dandiest thing you'll ever find on a guitar or violin neck if you can convince people that it's OK if it looks a little dirty after while. I did this twice to gibson guitars (not really valuable ones, just kind of valuable) after reprofiling necks and then upcharged for it and sold them on it being custom work (I was cleaning up what gibson didn't finish on mid level models). The people who bought them paid willingly and about pooped over the feel.

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