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Re: tales from the selectively stingy

david weaver
I'm not concerned about what's historically accurate. If I was, I'd read a lot more of the historical texts. I like planed finish better, but the mrs. wanted the cabinets to look commercial, so I sanded every single one of them after planing with 320 grit paper and a fesfool sander.

I think it was a waste of time. I did try progressive sanding early on (I've got a big dual action sander to use on floors in the house), and it turned out to take a lot longer than planing.

Whereas you might say that the difference in surface appearance between planing and sanding doesn't make a difference, I'd have to say on kitchen cabinets, the sanding isn't really necessary as if there is any more uniformity due to sanding (in absorbed finish or whatever), it's not really warranted. And it cost about 2 additional coats of shellac to get a decent base for lacquer.

I'll do it when I need to if the results look good, though.

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