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Re: jumping to conclusions...

Even though he was one of the greatest to have played, Ben Hogan played in many many more tournaments than he ever won, so he was regularly beaten by guys who had completely different philosophies about the golf swing, though in reality everybody who can strike a golf ball reasonably well does a couple or three things almost identically and virtually all get to a position at impact that is effectively identical -- forward shaft lean (lag), a bit of loft taken off the face, a bit of a bowed leading wrist as the face is closes through impact.

George's work is top notch, but so is a lot of instrument makers' work. It's a field in which average doesn't really cut it, right? Who are other current practitioners of the art? Whose instruments are in the most demand? How do they work? Why is their violin worth $100,000, and their order book full, while somebody else's only $35,000 (still a damn fine instrument), but less than half the cost? Because they do or don't use abrasives? I don't know, but likely not. I guess those with the money to pay for it do, though.

All that said, there was still sandpaper in Britain and the Colonies. What to do with that? Anything you like I guess.

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