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david weaver
One side comment about cost. I have no ability to claim cost efficiency in any way in my shop, but even now, i don't like paying for sandpaper.

It's not a matter of thinking it's morally objectionable or something, or punishing myself planing and scraping as much as can possibly be done, it's just the use of paper - and throwing it away without anything to show for it. Somewhere in the DSM, there's probably something to explain that.

The mrs. asked me to make a large base cabinet for the kitchen (pictures were here a few weeks ago). It involved SOS (same old) except that i sold the router table and stuff that I'd used to make the rest of my cabinets, so I made all of it by hand except for cutting the long areas of corian and a little bit of template routing.

I did not do a great job on it, but to be fair, someone will move into my house some day and just throw it in the trash, anyway.

When all was said and done, for a fraction of what it would've cost to buy the cabinet, I realized I used about $15 of sandpaper between the cabinet and the corian, and that really pisses me off. It literally felt like...sand a little bit, fit something, sand more. throw away sand paper....sand more....get another sheet, throw away paper.

Maybe i'm in the minority with that, but the more I can plane and scrape, the less I get annoyed. If I had employees and their labor + materials planing was more expensive than the same with sandpaper (or use of it allowed hiring of lower skilled labor at a lower rate) and the customer didn't care....they'd all be sanding.

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