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Civility, folks. Civility

Let's remember that we can passionately argue about ideas without insulting each other.

I'm not sure where the author of the article Charlie linked was going - he started out with a little history of abrasives, then changed to a discussion of using hand tools for final smoothing, then seemed to return to "if necessary, sandpaper at the end." But his statements about early uses of abrasives were interesting. I don't know enough of the history in that area to be sure of their accuracy; I also don't have reason to doubt him.

But I believe Charlie meant well with his posting of the article, and I believe Warren meant well with his critique. There may be other comments and critiques of the content of that article, or other online (or offline but scanned) articles that will expand on the topic - but let's not step on each other's toes. Please.

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