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One more thing to test - jams

david weaver
One of the things that happened with the stanley plane the first couple of passes is that the tight mouth and cap iron set (the former being impossible to avoid due to the mouth size on the stanley and the thicker veritas iron vs. stock) is that I got a couple of jams. They were mediocre in nature (continue shaving, they come out. Then recur again at the beginning of a subsequent shaving).

I may have had 6 of these in each of the first two tests.

I am wondering now (as the LN has a gaping mouth with the frog set back) if the pressure of that jam up may have aided in causing the iron to fail. I never use a plane with the mouth that tight and won't for the rest of this test, but never considered how a shaving jam may weaken or push the very edge of the iron over or off where it's the thinnest.

I'll test this later.

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