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updated - v11 after 50 shavings

david weaver
i'd prefer to keep the typing minimal on this computer since i have to use ascii codes for two of the letters.

i gave the v11 a big dose of diamond plate to bring the m-bevel up to a full millimeter and then gave it quite a bit more of a session on the 1 micron diamonds so that no microcraking would be present. i'm not aware of any significant amount occurring at 1 micron. The results are worlds different. no edge defects after 50 shavings.

the remaining irons will get the same treatment before their turn to keep things fair.

if there are bad results, we will still go back and find the medium that each iron likes.

freshly honed:

50 shavings:

This iron was too tight to work in the stanley plane where i'd want a smoother cap setting to be, so i have switched to a ln brone (now another letter doesn't work) 4 for testing as it would just be another problem one i get to the ln iron.

This is much more in line with what we'd expect for results. i'm pleased.

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