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Re: Diamond sharpening is not issue if done correc

david weaver
Yes on the cherry. It's not efficient, but I can plane it and it's clean. I don't have a cast plate, and have a surplus of diamonds, so that's OK.

It means wasting diamond charging too often vs. cast where you can charge rarely.

The other issue with cast is that when its new, it needs to break in before you can be certain that there won't be any mill marks or any other such issues that will raise a wire edge on a tool or leave marks.

None of those things really matter if you're just planing (I'd guess 99% of people using a plane sand or scrape or both before finishing anything) to get an initial surface, but I'm gauging two things in this test (edge life and edge quality) and will be tortured if the edge doesn't come out defect free off of sharpening.

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