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Diamond sharpening is not issue if done correctly

E Phillip Smith
I haven't sharpened with anything other than diamonds in well over a decade. Typically hollow grind primary bevel on high speed wheel (10" diameter, half inch wide coarse pink stone running at 1800 rpm) I can grind CPM 3V, CPM M4, V11 and regular carbon steel with no trouble. Very little heat in the steel with light passes.

Follow wheel with fixed diamond plate to bring clean edge, finish with 1 micron diamond on cast iron plate. Both fixed diamond and 1 micron diamond are done free hand.

I think I saw in one of the post you are using cherry support for 1 micron diamond. If so the cherry is soft and the diamond will bury in it and not cut nearly as effectively as diamond on cast iron. We tried several substrates when developing sharpening process, and we found nothing better than cast iron for diamond past.

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