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Re: I'll go to the other end of the spectrum ..

david weaver
..tonight. maybe. I bought a guitar today and will be in trouble when I get home.

But if I get to the shop, I'll try the new overhard O1 iron in this test and see what it does.

The O1 iron has seen rougher treatment than the V11 because I just made it, Normally an iron like this would never see diamonds at all, but in haste, the flat side of the iron always gets the hollow for me (same with chisels - the hollow side will be opposite the bevel side). This one was fairly hollow compared to others I made, so I blasted it with the 600 grit diamond hone, then ground it off square, reground the bevel and did the honing process here.

I expect it will be OK, but I don't have any reason to expect that. It's seen only abuse, and my coffee can forge, I feel like I have good control over the heat so that the tip doesn't get overheated, but that's only based on what I see. It could be quite spectacular if it fails, providing jackolantern teeth all over the place under the microscope. Its toughness would be better at 60 hardness, but that's not what I'm looking for here.

I have another iron that I made that's the same (Starrett) steel and closer to 60/61.

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