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Re: Crystolon for 3v after grinding

david weaver
We'll see how the CV holds up. Yes on the brashness, but the amount of bevel that exists on the steel due to the 1 micron diamond final bits is pretty significant. As in, if there is microfracturing at the very edge, most of it should be removed.

If I get through the first fifty passes with every iron on the diamonds and every one of them has huge lines of nick-evidence on the wood (that i'm not accustomed to seeing - little bits aren't uncommon, but things you can feel with a fingernail should generally be other than in rough or dirty planing).....then we'll need to re-evaluate a way to accommodate all of the irons by using something other than silicon carbide for the microbevel or grind (silicon carbide is too filthy, fracturing and contaminating for most people to keep control of. So, too, is anything other than final diamond size - as in, the plate is being used because my experience with loose diamonds in various sizes is that contamination is imminent. It may not make much of a difference in just planing to get to scraping, but under the microscope, it would be STARK.

I believe bill uses this method (something on the order of 15 or 10 micron diamonds to 1 micron without interim steps and has no issue. I have used it in the past on nasty irons.

The one issue with adding steps after grinding is that most people are going to be doing what I'm doing if they're dry grinding - they'll get to the edge or very near each time they grind with a pretty harsh wheel...mine is a partially worn 80 grit CBN wheel.

Time will tell with the others, but I think that this should work OK for any modern iron, definitely not with white steel, though it's possible the best of it might tolerate it, and I've ground carbon steel right to the edge many times in the past (on the CBN wheel) and had no issues. I think this diamond hone is probably less damaging than something like a shapton 1000, as it cuts quite a bit finer and slower, even though it's diamonds.

If a clean start shows no nicking with diamonds after I look at the whole edge, I think it's reasonable to figure that I did something else to cause the problem (dirt in wax, dirt on plane - the plane is being stored in a towel between tries to prevent sitting on something).

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