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david weaver
..I've used this method successfully before, for years. It is the one thing early on that I learned would limit the chipping that comes off of A2. In fact, it does reasonably well to limit the chipping on everything.

But I still get slightly better results freehanding the bevels and rounding the last bit slightly (this is one of the reasons that I prefer slow finish stones - that can quickly be overdone). I'll test that once I get past the initial iron tests.

I once heard DC and Rob Cosman referring to irons they'd seen in their classes being improperly sharpened all but 2 or 4 times in their career. I haven't found the honing guide method to be any better, but I'll need to prove it in a test. my habitual angle on the final rolled edge is around 33 degrees. I didn't gauge it early on, but any less, you get chipping, any more and you start to wonder if you have enough clearance.

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