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Re: pictures of the defects so far

Wiley Horne
Hi David,

Just an offhand thought: the iron is either too sharp (for maple), or the wrong kind of sharp. I am guessing the latter.

Suggest regrind the V11 iron, eliminate the 1200g diamond plate, and go straight to the new suita stone. Strop on chromium green, and retest.

Now, you have eliminated diamonds. So, if you still have microchipping, retest on cherry to see whether the iron edge is just too sharp, or too thin for sugar maple.

But, if eliminating diamond cures the problem, then (a) you’ve taught us all something about diamond sharpening, and (b) you have a way forward.

My chief suspect: the 1200-grit fixed diamond really can raise hell with an edge that has been ground all the way back to new steel—would ‘t surprise me if the damage is more than skin deep. And remember, they rate that plate at 1200g, but you’re really dealing with a statistical distribution, and you have to wonder what is the mesh at two std. deviations above the 1200g?

2 cents.


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