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Suppose some of these irons take defects..
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After 50 shavings.... ()

david weaver
...like the ones in the photos, something I didn't expect. I'll run the test and let it run its course, which is to view wear, but also to find out when an iron won't stay reasonably in the cut, which is the last point where the average person should use a plane (going beyond that requires unnecessary down pressure and leads to tired users).

I'm going to run the test a second time to see if the defects that occur are consistent (specifically, that the level of them seems to stay relatively the same from iron to iron type), and then I'm going to try the irons that take defects more than others with various sharpening mediums to see if I can find something that pleases the steel

I don't want to resort to testing more steps with diamonds, etc, as that kind of goofiness leads to 4 or 5 step sharpening process that deter sharpening (when you have an edge defect in a finish plane, you start to care less about overall edge life and more about how quickly you can sharpen so that you can get rid of the defect to get a suitable finish).

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