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Re: Same iron with diamonds..

David Weaver
..and two others. The 3v on 1 micron diamonds (I can't find my submicron diamond vials, but it doesn't really matter. 1 on wood is finer cutting than one on a metal substrate would be. Diamond sharpening is done with a piece of cherry.

I dragged out my old setup from when I used to use eclipse type guides. Two angle guides and a stainless rule.

Sharpening for the penultimate bevel is with a 1200 grit (but worn out) eze lap diamond hone.

First the 3V (you'll notice these all look remarkably similar..of course).
Commercial Photography

tsune blue steel.

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Commercial Photography

There are three others that I will be testing, too - A2 Lie Nielsen, chinese HSS and either a hock high carbon steel iron or one that I just made out of starrett steel that is on the hard side. Not sure which. My high carbon steel iron is cambered severely to be used as a jack in a record 5 1/2 (eons ago).

This sharpening method is a bit faffy. There are consumables involve (I hate that) and I have to protect the piece of wood with diamonds on it like it's made of gold and make sure no particles settle on it.

I have used WD40 as the lubricant with the diamonds so that the irons can't oxidize before I get to use them. The dewpoint has been in the mid 70s the last two weeks and the temperature in my shop is about 80 most of the time in the summer, unless there is a cool snap.

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