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First file chisel, chisel file? chisel from file

David Weaver
Looks a little funny - needs a little bit more finish work, too.

The part that looks the most funny to me is the bolster since it was ground off of the chisel, drilled, heated and then stabbed onto the chisel tang. It went on a little far, but it's not going to move more at this point. I will file the sides back a little bit so that it's not quite so prominent.

Heat treat was uneventful (thankfully) and the result was as hard of a piece of steel as I've ever had. Tempered at 360 degrees F in the oven (not sure of the carbon composition) for an hour, and we'll see how it works once it's stuffed in a handle.

The next one will be a little better. 3 1/2mm at the business end and a little over 6 at the tang, just like the real thing (only smaller?...no, that's ertl).

Should've sourced ferrules earlier.



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