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Re: I was wrong about the lower prices...

david weaver
I can't disagree, but John E reminds me of some of my self-made relatives, so I kind of understand the way he thinks and writes. All the way down to the quotes that he uses in his blog posts even when they're "not really needed".

My relatives in that situation have been chief in charge of every part of their businesses for 30 years, and have done well. John's opinion of himself as the foremost tool designer is, well, my relatives would say the same thing about themselves in their areas because in their view, they've "just done it better than anyone else could or would".

Sort of an M.O. and confidence that isn't always great, but it's kind of a throw back to a bygone era, and focus on the potential rather than indecision about whether or not something is good...it does allow for continued progress. The progress just isn't my taste.

If you could separate someone like George Wilson from his drive to continue to make things, and get his design sense and practical experience with hand tools, you could probably come up with some really attractive tools. Would they be more functional than Leonard Bailey's design? Probably not - nobody has really bettered that, but they'd be really easy on the eyes.

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