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Re: The Pocket Fisherman of Planes

david weaver
Yes. I got the sense that perhaps a lot of the stuff has actually been made in china for a while (since the chopstick maker and maybe other things were). EDIT - just reading the website sort of suggests that, but doesn't provide a date - that harvey industries has been a or the licensed manufacturer for Bridge City tools for some time.

I think if folks thought there was a pack of $30 an hour employees roaming around california making Bridge City tools - I just don't know how a low volume business could afford that.

The interesting comment on the web page from the current owner is that some legacy tools will come back, but which ones? If they came back at a reduced price, the new owner might be able to make a go at offering a few of the useful tools continuously, but I doubt there will be a reduction in price - just my sense, because business portfolios don't usually transfer at zero cost, and at least in the US, paying off a loan for ownership (or justifying cash flow attached if the business was bought for cash or equity) is generally an after tax venture, making repayment yucky.

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