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david weaver

The handle design baffles me. Experimenting with a few quickly shows why the stanley/english woody type handle has a pretty consistent angle and the hump. No great reason to deviate from that, and quite a bit of risk in doing so (my first two low angle planes hit the road precisely because they made my wrist hurt -i understand the high bench thing, but it really doesn't work that well with serious planing or it would've been the standard when people did serious planing).

There was a fellow in ohio (near me) a couple of years ago who had two of everything B/C had ever made. Some of the more traditional tools (simple squares and layout tools) look quite nice, but I've never been tempted to buy anything. At any rate, the fellow died. At least one of each design was untouched , in some cases the second tool had been used. His wife was left with all of his tools, and they ultimately ended up in the hands of a dealer. I'd hate to know what kind of bath he took on buying those tools and then not having any way to sell them directly.

All that said, the new owner says he's going to bring back some legacy designs. If that includes some of the more standard layout type tools, that could be quite nice. Maybe not the least expensive option, but some of the tools like centerscribes would be useful to me (I'm aware that single size versions are really easy and cheap to make).

Strange thing about E's designs is that once in a while something more traditional comes out (like little infills) at a really reasonable price for what it is, and then it's followed up by something from star wars.

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