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The V11 Iron has Arrived...

david weaver
...nothing special in terms of that, I realize that probably thousands of these have arrived, and this is now my fourth one.

But the other three are gone because the planes they came in are gone.

I'll use the new one a little bit before beginning testing irons for two reasons:
1) to confirm that it's in order (I seriously doubt this is necessary at all, but #2 is more important)
2) to get the iron used a reasonable amount so that I'm comparing irons in like shape

Eons ago, I bought a bunch of hard maple from a clearance pallet at rockler. Never figured out what to do with it, but it will work well for this test because the wood is uniform, already pre thicknessed to the same thickness and I'll never use it otherwise. It's also four feet long, which should help vs. the last time I tested an iron (wood < 2 feet long - LN's iron finally failed around 1100 strokes. Not looking to duplicate numbers like that).

The test lineup looks like:
* LV V11
* LN A2
* Hock HCS
* China (green if you ever look at things on ali express) HSS iron
* Tsunesaburo blue steel

Wiley, I don't want to separate you from a fine iron if it's something you like to use (the 3V), plus it's not commercially available (not sure if a good test result would encourage someone to make one, but I also don't trust most folks to make something commercially and use the same level of care that Steve did).

If you want to see how it fares, though, I'd be glad to test it. It could be a couple of months before it comes back, depending on how the first round goes and whether or not repeat iterations are needed. It may be nice (even though labor intensive) to do all of the tests twice, and alternating irons every 50 or 100 strokes (to minimize variability that might occur with boards) and taking pictures of their conditions in the microscope will slow things down considerably.

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