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Re: A great and helpful summary...

david weaver
I'm not surprised that a file would make a good skew. I have a small power lathe and use HSS, but i hone it instead of grinding it. It works well, but doesn't remind me of carbon steel. I don't turn enough to think too much about it, though.

Of all of the things that I've hardened, none of turned out bad, but the couple that I've had to reharden have been due to overshooting a shop temper tempering by color at the front of my small forge. Even when the color is OK, some thin cross sections end up soft, so I do as you do and use the oven (or on small items, I have an air fryer that I've used, it works OK, but I'm less sure about its temperature control than my kitchen oven).

It's just too important. I wouldn't have let the blacksmith do it, either.

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