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Heat Treatment of CPM 3V ()

david weaver
The main purpose of running this test is to get some actual quantifiable data for just how long V11 lasts in a typical wood (not MDF and not a torture test in wood that has shiny particles like the worst of cocobolo).


This page drives me bonkers. It provides relative numbers, but nothing really to know. The edge of the MDF abused irons, but there is nothing like it in the world of planing wood, unless you're planing paint.

if you remove the parts of the picture with the MDF edges, you see something that looks like it wears like A2, which is my finding.

I would prefer brent beach had done this as his page was a pretty good collection of accurately collected information (accurate in terms of matching my findings in real wood).

I think the real value in V11 is two things:
1) from LV's view, nobody else can market it
2) hoping to find that its edge fineness is an advantage over A2.

I'd guess wear in long grain that will be 100-125% of LN's A2 iron.

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