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If you're interested, I have a 2" Tsunesaburo blue steel blade that I could send you. I got it from Tools from Japan, but I believe this is the same blade that one can still get from Axminster.

This might be outside the scope of your tests, but I'd also be curious about how much it helps to sharpen the blade with a higher grit. I usually stop sharpening on an Norton 8000 stone. I have a Shapton 12000 which I haven't really be using because it doesn't make for a noticeably better result, but if using it would mean that an edge would last longer, I would use it.

In a similar vein, I'm also curious about the effect of a strop on edge longevity. I have been using a plain leather strop after sharpening because it makes the edge noticeably sharper. I test it by cutting into a piece of plain white printer paper across the grain, with no skewing or slicing, and I find that stropping the blade makes it significantly easier to make a cut like that. I initially didn't think that a plain leather strop would make much of a difference, but after I saw read some of the stuff at https://scienceofsharp.wordpress.com/ and saw the pictures there, I tested it out, and I found that it did indeed make for easier cutting, and noticeably so. (Whether good results on the paper test translates into better wood cutting, or a longer lasting edge, is something I'm not 100% sure of, but it seems likely, and the effort spent stropping is small, so that's why I do it.)

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