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Re: W-1 and A2; and preparing an edge.

David Weaver
I think there is some validity to your supposition about angle and vectors. But I have no way to prove it, and I'm wary of saying much that I can't prove because of my first round foray into super steels and super stones, thinking I'd be able to prove that they were more economy of effort in woodworking. Charts about them would suggest so in all cases, but I was missing two factors (double iron and sharpening simplicity - both go together since uniformity becomes more important than initial sharpness with a double iron).

As far as surface quality on the A2 - my LN irons do not chip into the shaving splitting type of nicks, but rather in a way that leaves a surface looking a little bit more dull and still leaving behind some evidence of exactly where a plane traveled our strokes are never perfectly straight, and you can see them.

I didn't ever ask brian holcombe exactly why he switched from A2 to carbon steel in his LN smoother, but I suspect that last little bit (the tiny lines) drove him nuts. A good planed finish to me is one that after a burnish with shavings (or even without), has no telegraphing at all, but the little tiny lines left by A2 in raking light, I just cannot get rid of them with burnishing.

I've got another thing I'd like to test, I"ll post it in another thread - it has nothing to do with iron durability.

I would like to know a proven answer about bevel durability vs. bed angle, but I think one would have to do another "thousands of strokes" tests to see what they could prove, and it would require the use of two nearly identical planes to eliminate other variables. I'm supposing that the closer the iron gets to going straight into the wood (lower bevel angle), the less vibration there probably is at an edge - either that or just outright pushing force "pushing the edge off".

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