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Re: 3v MAY BE commercially available

David Weaver
Yes on the stock, I've seen it sold at least in small bits for knife makers.

I probably should've specified what I meant. When Bill and Steve were making irons, someone else ended up selling 3V irons on ebay for a while. I don't remember precisely what their proportions were, and they were expensive.

So, the stock is available (and probably wouldn't be more available to a quantity purchaser), but nobody seems to be able to or want to make a go of turning relatively expensive stock into a profitable-to-make iron.

I'm supposing by saying that that the market is relatively price sensitive. It costs even for the V11 iron (with shipping), $58 to get a 2" iron. Sometimes LV has free shipping, and that would bring it down $10. Aside from the low volume irons that have been around, that's the most expensive I can think of (clifton hand forged were really expensive, but not for any good reason). i'm guessing that the cost of 3V stock eats too far into the final price of an iron (not sure about its workability at production speeds, but vaguely recall bill saying that it wasn't bad to work by hand).

(of course, A2 and O1 are relatively inexpensive - they fluctuate, but don't threaten the typical $40 cost level for irons).

I didn't go read the hardening schedule for 3V, but am assuming that any reputable hardening service can read the sheet and do it to whatever spec one would want.

One of the reasons I want to test the $11 green iron on ali-express is because I think it's pretty good. It's some kind of brazed on high speed steel, and it's about stock stanley thickness. I don't know just how good it is, but for some reason, a couple of the HSS items from china that I've gotten have been very fine to use.

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