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Double iron positioning? ()

David Weaver
Yes on the cap iron being set. I'll set it as I normally would with a smoother. I measured this at one point last year or the year before (after never really knowing how close I set it, I set it by eye). I think it was something like 6 thousandths.

I vaguely recall the self sharpening discussion and if I remember it correctly, the cap iron accelerates the wear on the top edge of the cut (the back of the iron) but I don't remember the conclusion about the effect of it doing that. I remember bill hoping that would be a beneficial effect in making for a longer lasting edge, but I think the action of keeping a shaving continuous and the plane in the cut is more beneficial in terms of being able to use an edge longer.

I guess there could be some debate about whether or not the cap iron should be in play, but I think the answer is yes in this case because that's how I'd use the plane (set to minimize tearout potential across smoother shavings that I'd use - up to 4 thousandths or so).

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