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david weaver
Which one, his current wife? He's pretty precise, though once in a while he says something inaccurate.

in an era where people were on show there, he moved to the toolmaker shop because he didn't like that kind of stuff (at least that's what I gather from him). I think he probably turned off some of the folks there who didn't want to push that hard.

The A2 story is one that he actually mentioned shortly after retirement. He was playing with exotic steels for knives (which probably weren't half as exotic as most of the stuff now, or a tenth) and mentioned that he'd made some A2 irons and slipped them to the coopers, who were being forced to use what the blacksmiths could laminate (1070 or something of the sort) to wrought.

As far as spokeshaves go, I think I'd rather have someone else teach sharpening them to my wife, even though I've known her for 15 years. Not that she wants to learn, but she definitely doesn't like any advice from me!

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