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Re: Anything else to test? Testing iron durability

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Nearly 6 years ago I compared the Veritas and LN #51 shooting planes. A large part of my interest was to compare the effect of BU vs BD planing on edge wear in a controlled situation. This was about as good as it gets ...

Both planes are guided along the same Stanley #52 shooting board.

There was A2 steel for both planes. In addition, the Veritas had PM-V11. Later, in a follow up test, the LN was also able to sport PM-V11. For interest, I added a Clifton hand hammered O1 iron.

The articles are here:



The results of the first assessment were black and white: blade wear in a BU plane far away outclassed blade wear in a BD plane (shooting end grain). Keep in mind that the BU plane had a 12 degree bed and a 37 degree cutting angle (in other words, even when it used a more fragile 25 degree bevel). The BD plane had a 45 degree bed, for a higher cutting angle, but was still outclassed with a 30 degree bevel. Really, the results were chalk-and-cheese (using A2 vs A2 steel, and even more so with PM-V11 vs A2 steel).

The second test was completed because I wanted to compare PM-V11 in a BD plane (I had only the single PM blade for the Veritas plane up until that time). Rob Lee sent me a PM-V11 for the LN #51.

Results indicated that all BD planes need a 30 degree (minimum) bevel angle for edge longevity (25 degrees is far too low - even PM-V11 suffered at this angle). At 30 degrees, PM-V11 outlasted A2 by 50%.

Regards from Perth


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