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David Weaver
One with a cocobolo smoother cleaning up the edge of a piece that trims the far side of the cabinet to look full thickness (basically jointing an edge).

Then one cleaning up the built edge (I guess jointing again). A stanley 4 and a chinese HSS iron (these are pretty good irons for $10). Not a great deal of difference in edge life for the IH sorby iron vs. the HSS chinese iron. Sharpen often no matter what.

And the cabinet skeleton. It would've looked nicer to fair a bit of a gradual curve over the entire diagonal on the end, but I just ran out of steam and rounded the corner with planemaking tools. The former would've required a router template and I gave up due to desire to finish. The top and bottom did receive a radius after this, though. It's a nice material to work with.

The end is funny because there is a cutout in the back that directs ducted air down and out from under the cabinet. The last three or so feet on the right are closed off from that and will get a normal toe kick. Three doors and a garbage can/recyclable drawer on the far right. The mrs wanted a cabinet that would be easy to get big things in and out of, thus door on the diagonal end.

Not my finest work!

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