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The Harlequin side table: rounding the dovetails

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
This may also be a break from tools and blades :)

We left off with the drawer dividers a dry fit in the case ...

And then this was pulled apart and the case glued up. After a clean up, the ends were looking a little tidier ...

Now we've been through this together with the Jarrah coffee table, but for those who want to know how ...

The ends are marked (with a washer) ..

The aim is the remove the waste progressively to the lines ...

This is quick to do with a low angle jack ...

.. and finish with a block plane ...

Now finish with sandpaper - 80/120/240 grit ...

The completed case ...

I spent a few hours today turning a few legs. Rather than show the prototypes, I am hoping that I may have enough time to complete them tomorrow - I have the afternoon off! :) - and then I will post more photos.

Regards from Perth


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The Harlequin side table: rounding the dovetails
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