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David Weaver
.. I just don't want to be the person who runs the tests for these blades on wood. I did it at one point for various A2 irons and found in the case where I tested blades that the LN A2 irons were the best of the irons that I had on hand. Another group at the time (IBC) had sent me an iron and cap iron set and I'm sure as it often is with tools made available, there is some hope for feedback as well as free marketing in the form of discussion.

I don't know what most people do with tools when they evaluate them, but I felt like I couldn't comment unless I did something to test the irons. So I got a piece of uniform maple and planed thousands of strokes on it, stopping periodically to adjust depth and wax the plane that I was using to make sure I was using a uniform shaving thickness and being as fair as possible.

The LN iron alone lasted about 1100 strokes before it stopped cutting. IBC's lasted about 800, but the point where I would've sharpened both was probably 400 and 300, respectively (actually, the IBC iron was a little more prone to chipping, so it would've seen the stones earlier and knowing what I know now, I'd have stepped the angle up until it stopped chipping). I'm sure you remember the discussions we've had about A2's edge holding really being a factor of finding where it doesn't chip and then it's maximized there.

A simple solution in this case would be brent beach running the same tests he already has with V11 and posting it.

But, I agree with what you're saying - someone has to want to run a test. It's the same as the hardness results (which can be a little misleading even when they're accurate), someone with no interest and the means to do the test would need to do it.

All that said, marketability, intangibles (LV being able to claim something that others don't have), ability to make something with the labor pool, skills and equipment available, manufacturing preferences...they all weigh in.

Personally, I think your testing of chisels has been pretty invaluable, because it let the water out of the tub on a lot of things, and left it in on others - in wood.

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