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David Weaver
Hey, let's keep this on topic. Comparing Ottawa senators to Pittsburgh penguins!

The statin comparison is relevant because presumably the data that came out in the older studies was correct, but it was irrelevant to the actual purpose in some cases in that it was presented in such a way that it favored prescription for a lot of classes where it didn't do any good ...as in, it didn't reduce mortality and morbidity for many of the classes of folks it was given to.

Cardiologists interpretations in some cases were that even people with normal cholesterol had improved outcomes, even at younger ages. That was outright false, and until an outside group came along and measured a large population and actually quantified death rates, the advice was bad except for cohorts with really unusual risks or for older individuals.

How does this compare to the charts? Simple, if you read the data as it's presented, you'll probably conclude that almost anything makes a better plane blade or chisel than carbon steel. Or, a better knife. All of the charts and data are right there for you. But, the charts don't do a good job of informing about what people really like using knives, and that is a sharp knife that's really good at slicing, that stays sharp as it wears and wears predictably and can be put back to fresh condition in a cycle of work easily.

It turns out that the simple steel knives do that the best whether they're low tech stainless or carbon steel. The same turns out to be true for razors where wondersteels produce unacceptable results. Even o1 makes a very marginal razor.

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