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Re: A Steel Primer by Crucible Products, LLC

David weaver
Charts from steel producers remind me of statiins. What I mean by that is the studies for statins were not honestly done in the first rounds, the data they reported was low credibility and incomplete result sets. Several years ago, the institute of actuaries released a population mortality study and found no increase in life expectancy for individuals under 65 in qrisk categories 20 and below unless individuals already had a severe event. However scads of folks were put on statins and subjected to side effects like earlier onset of type 2 diabetes.

The average life expectancy increase due to statins was approximately 2 years but not due to things assumed earlier (rather due to prescribing to older patients and those already compromised). Because of my daytime work, I find this thing highly offensive.

The charts for these steels often don't describe how the results apply to knives with bevels set for slicing or woodworking tools with appropriate bevels in wood. In your efforts to make chisels, you came up short of good white steel chisels, but did well otherwise.

Likewise, scads of uber expensive kitchen knives have been sold that cannot match simple steels in durability in slicing tasks. However, the exotic steels make better dies, and more durable slicers if you're willing to have a 60 degree edge on knives. And narratives about them are valuable for marketing as well as the ability for makers to try substituting technology for skill.

Lv appears to have hit a triple with chisels and a solid single for plane irons. From a marketing standpoint, it's a home run. Ashley iles was already on base and a small maker in Japan and many others are on the bench after finishing their home run trot on a smaller contract.

Similarly in pocket knives, I've seen nothing better in use for slicing than tidioutes 1095.

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