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A Steel Primer by Crucible Products, LLC

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Anyone interested in steel properties and the interrelationships among hardness, toughness, abrasion resistance and the like will be interested in the information provided by Crucible Products .
This link will in turn link to PDF files relevant to steel used in edged tools. Of particular interest will be "Knife Steel Basics". This PDF explains how composition and heat treatment combine to yield particular properties and the compromises involved. More in depth information on particular steels will be provided by the "Crucible Niagara" link.

The link "Knife Maker Information" provides a description of the manufacturing process for "particle steel". The resulting properties relevant to edged tools will explain why it was desirable for LV to choose a particle steel for their edged tools, and why I specify particle steel for jointer and planer knifes. As an aside, I got to meet at an MW-TCA event one of the people that developed the particle technology for Crucible Products. His description of the explosive sintering of the powder was as entertaining as a typical Myth Busters show.

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