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David Weaver
It's not so much that I look for a soft blade, but more that if I have a softer 2 1/8 double iron set that really isn't great for a smoother, it'll still do well in a Jack.

Too soft for a smoother to me is something that is subjectively below about 58. A couple of more points below that and it starts to feel like you could roll a burr on a blade.

I've also got a big cocobolo coffin smoother that I put a marbles blade in that's a little soft just because it was a nice blade and cap iron. It just isn't up to much fine smoothing work, so I set it aside and use it set at five thousandths to remove planer chatter with the cap iron set property so that it doesn't create tear out. One or two passes across a board and everything is clean..no chip marks from the planer rollers and no chatter. It'll do that type of thing for a long time before needing to be resharpened since clearance is less critical the thicker the shaving becomes. At least clearance in the sense of the tiny amount of contact that occurs with a dulling blade.

The double irons that I have gotten are probably almost entirely in the 58-62 range discussed a couple of days ago and all of the vintage Japanese irons and chisels a probably well harder.

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