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Re: whalebacks and bent saws..

I got mine around 2003, might have still been during ebay's beanie baby phase. I did find one I liked a year or so ago, but since I hardly use the one from '03, I didn't buy it.

I have seen various attempts to home make the FK saw, and the problem is the brake to get a long low angle kink free bend is not easy to find. The samples I have seen showed the concept worked, which is obvious, but they did not seem like something I would want to actually use.

The problem is that, as you know, every dovetail joint, conventionally cut requires one to "crosscut" the equivalent of one end of a meeting board by chopping it with a chisel. If they are not all that efficient they may precede that cut with crosscutting their plank with a fine toothed fret saw. Despite the handtool revolution, I do not see many people paring back their tool kit to not include a crosscut saw, but they are happy to crosscut planks when dovetailing, using a chisel or a fret saw.

None of this is too wearing until you get into making really huge boxes. I made some furniture for my shop that were like large blanket cases, and require maybe 8 feet of dovetail. I just had to find a work around for that kind of grunt work, that did not involve all the messing around. But it isn't a subject for this board.

I can't imagine not having a bandsaw. I have 5, which is crazy also. When i started out, they were probably 1/3rd the price of a car, say 2K in late 70s. Not a car guy, maybe they were already more expensive. I know we bought a Volvo at the factory for 3K in the mid 70s.

Anyway, that was way out of reach. Then the Chinese tools came along, under 400. I keep getting ones people are getting rid of. I am at a transition point where I will need to cut back, so I already have a small inca I can use when I have to get rid of the large one which is a Laguna. They sent the laguna out without their decals for some reason, it has an Italian decal on it. Thanks for making my resale easy!

I did the panel resaw thing in the 80s. It was necessary due to the cost of alternatives. While I like the fact the shop provides exercise, I am no more going back to that than I am walking to and from the lumberyard. But I am tempted to try out some of the new hardware that keeps popping up.

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