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Re: Dodo makes a plane

I have been making planes for 40 years, and so a number of mistakes have occurred, Usually not terribly costly ones. The jack problem was solved with a new blade. It is interesting to hear your experience with blade softness. That is curious. The way old blacksmiths worked, it was hardly any more difficult to make a fully hardened blade than a soft one, though if they used a less hardenable steel it might have been cheaper. I have never thought of making a blade for this kind of use out of hi tens steel and super quenching it, but maybe that would work, though I don't particularly need to do that.

The other oddity I created making a jack plane was one with a self wedging Japanese iron, a cheap one. It works great but I didn't count on the handle making it difficult to remove the blade with hammer strikes. I could have placed the iron a little further forward, but my personal preference is for centrally located irons, when possible. Turned out that was not the best option in this case.

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