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whalebacks and bent saws..

David Weaver
..I also had a jones for a maebiki. Last year when I was buying and reselling stones from japan yahoo, I found a gaggle of maebiki over there and they're cheap as long as you're willing to wait for ground shipping.

I found a nice one (scouting the listings waiting for one with good teeth, not so much corrosion and relatively large size) for about $75 plus another $50 shipping.

Tons of them listed on ebay, but they're being flipped and cost much more.

As you're aware with FK's saw, many of the non-premium bow saw blades are soft enough that they'll tolerate being gradually bent the same way fk does it. I wonder what the results of that saw would look like in hardwood dovetails, though (or if it would be able to make its turn in hardwood). I only make a drawer a couple of times a year, so it's not on my list, but should be easy to make.

Life without a bandsaw has given me the impetus to make several frame and bow saws dedicated to faster work.

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