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John in NM
Or any other generic, cheap chisel, is that by the time someone tries them, finds out that they don't wholly suck, and blogs about it, the factory in China that did a run of them has moved on to something else.

We're left with a lot of talk about a perhaps marginal product that is now effectively unavailable.

I like the Narex line for inexpensive chisels. They may not be insanely cheap, but they are inexpensive and are not questionable in terms of QC, they are still available years after I remember Stephen Shepherd saying "hey, this is a decent cheap chisel", they sharpen easily, and they hold an edge vastly better than a lot of other "entry level" options I've seen over the years.

Why saddle a beginner with the conundrum of "is my super cheap, crappy chisel really a super cheap, kinda decent chisel?" My advice instead would be to buy an inexpensive decent chisel that has actual quality control in the manufacturing process and get on with some work.

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