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The Sandviks are nice chisels...
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"House chisels " ()

John in NM
They were cheap because they were from a store that carried a lot of liquidation from closed hardware stores and stuff like that. I would have probably used a Narex for the same task, but it had been sharpened fairly recently and I ended up needing it to whittle away some plastic in the same project. I doubt I would own a bench chisel that I couldn't turn to any task like this, the nature of what I need them for more or less requires a cheap yet good chisel.

I have an old carving chisel that is flat and I use as a parer. Honed at a very low angle it is a delight to use, but it is delicate. Just rounded some curly maple corners with that a couple weekends ago. The maple was some softer variety, and the bench chisels tended to compress the grain a little, leaving ugly pocks. The parer was just the ticket.

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