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David Weaver
Bill mentioned offline to me that the typical variation for this type of hand held tester is 2. I don't know if that's a standard deviation or if it's just an offhand explanation from someone with experience -either is fine with me.

LV (bill relayed here) tests each batch - that's good enough for me to mentally substitute a 62 for them.

In the unlikely event that they ever decided, like friodur, that staying at the low end of a range made for a better customer experience - still, it's Lee Valley, I'd assume they had good reason to - making what customers want. I sort of see the world in likelihoods.

I don't see anything in this chart that's likely to change peoples' behavior. Somehow we're stuck on the narex chisels because one mortise chisel tested low and the chart doesn't convey why the average is low (it appears to be due to one chisel - I'd like to have seen that result culled and noted, and take the average of the rest of the set).

Bill has noted the process that narex uses is tight and shouldn't create the result. I have to be honest, I don't really much care, because I don't like the result of the narex process - I think it's inexpensive, it creates a white box chisel that is good for people looking for a white box chisel, but the maximum potential of the process makes, in my mind, a substandard chisel (one that's not quite hard enough and the wire edge is left even more rubbery - this is from actual experience, and the boast of flatness - first, I didn't see it, and second that's not a critical factor for me). I didn't notice the narex mortise chisels, the 57 1/2 measurement stuck out in my mind (which is also in the error range for narex spec).

What I am not going to do is take something I thought was interesting and turn it into a court case. It's getting ridiculous. Or, take the company line for each manufacturer and forgo all discussion. (John, that's not aimed at you!!)

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