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Me too, people pry, they chip, and sometime news ones chipped, or used to. Modern tools are prepped for the duffer who will send them out to be sharpened.

There are chisels that are intentionally manufactured for tool belts or like users, to be sharpened with a file, on the jobsite. The Bluechips I bought, actual plastic ones when I started out, were in that neighborhood. That was late 70s or early 80s. Other people's mileage may vary. It isn't a flaw, and if anyone wants to show their superiority by chopping in ebony with that kind of tool, go right ahead. Mighty stylish of you.

I had one batch of horrible plane irons I tempered out of doors during winter, some cracked, others looked OK. I did have a rockwell machine at the time, but they looked OK. I used the file on them, but that can be unreliable depending on the surface. If the file seems to skate, going at it over and over can ruin the file, so I missed one. I put it in my jack plane prototype worked fine, seemed to hold an edge. Then at one point I hit one heck of a hard knot, and it bent the end of the blade. I felt silly, but what was really remarkable was that the plane had seemed to wear nicely and do good work. Kinda the same exception as those hand filed floats people used to make that did not get heat treated, but worked anyway. The reality is that people once worked wood with copper tools.

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