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Re: Elusive Tools - What's yours?

One of my long searched for tools was a whaleback saw, which I eventually got in Mass. Another was one of those saws that FK has that saws around the corner when making certain dovetails. I am more waiting for some manufacturer to come out with one, and at this point it looks as though it will never happen.

I also chased the elusive blacksmith hammer. I think I got two, but I can't remember whether they were of the size for chisels, which would seem to be some kind of kludge. What they actually are, or how they started was just cutting off the back of a sledge. I have seen that tool, and made one myself.

Another tool I liked and found after a while was one of those Japanese hammers with the plane tapping, end, or whatever that is for, but in a huge size. I got a pretty large on, but probably not huge, forget the spec. Maybe 750 grams.

The longest and most frustrating search was for any kind of saw that would cut dovetails as though it was meant to. I did get one early on, a Masterpiece Tools value saw. But it was so fragile I barely used it. What was wanted was a good tool that worked as though it meant it, that could be sharpened by the owner, and didn't cost a fortune. And they are heavy on the ground at this point, but man, it was a long wait.

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