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Re: Fewer iterations are preferred

Wiley Horne

That’s an interesting idea. I thought about whether the whole thing could be cut with one ogee, simply by starting the plane at about 2 o’clock, then progressively working it around counterclockwise to about 9:30. That would produce a profile, but not this one (it might be better!). An ogee that would make the ovolo right would have too long a cove section.

I hadn’t thought the thing very far through until you raised the question. What I am trying to do to make the mold reproducible is to focus on having a positive registration for the first plane, and then use the first plane to create registration for the second. If the registrations are not positive, then you get into a pattern of adjusting your adjustment, and trying to hold your mouth just right, and so forth.

As for paint, the only thing I see necessary is to run 220g sandpaper down that arris at the tail end of the cove. Just a couple of licks. In other words, make sure that arris is deburred.

A bigger challenge will be reproducing this in oak. Pine doesn’t put up much of a fight, but I am worried the initial passes of the ogee may skate a little in oak—that may be a problem to be solved.

But its looking doable. I ordered a 5/16 and 3/8 bead today—one of those two should help. Thanks to Warren for spotting that 1/2 ogee as a possible solution.

And thanks to all for the several good suggestions, any of which could be made to work.


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