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Wiley Horne
Hi all,

Thank you for the considered suggestions. I have started with Warren’s thought of using an ogee to do the profile side. I tried a little bitty one, marked 5/16”, and also the 1/2” that Warren spoke about.

Here’s the results in pine. Just trying to get proof of concept at this point. First photo is the drawing; second is the 5/16” ogee profile; third is the 1/2” ogee profile; last is the glass panel my sister is working on that will be surrounded by this mold—there’ll be two of them side by side:


The only dicey part of this is finding a registration point for the ogee. What I did was to start with a 1/4” bead to get the top (round profile) started. Then register the ovolo part of the ogee to that curve, and gradually sink the cove part of the ogee, rotating the plane to keep working the cove deeper and lower.

Judgment: I’m encouraged this will work. Will try it in oak next. And maybe look for a 5/16” bead for the top round profile. But I can live with the 1/2” ogee version right now, using the bead I’ve got. The glass will be the point of interest.

Will report back with the oak version (Borg doesn’t carry maple anymore).

Thanks again. Wiley

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