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Kitchen cabinet molding

Wiley Horne
Hi all,

I have a bank of kitchen cabinets, with doors needing replacing. Too many coats of chipped paint, and easier to remake than strip and detail the originals.

The job is actually easy. Flat panel doors. But I’m hung up on one detail: the moldings which set off the panels. It’s applied, not integral.

Here is a rough drawing of the mold:


As you can see, it’s simple in concept. But I’m stumped on how to make it. And I don’t find this mold available for sale—I would buy it in a heartbeat.

This mold must have been standard millwork out here around 1900, when this house was built. Those were early days for this part of the world; lots of early settlers from Arkansas and thereabouts I’m told.

Two questions for you:

1. Is this mold or similar available for purchase?

2. If not, how would you make it, or approximate it? For example, I’m thinking of making the inside face an ogee.

Thanks for any thoughts, notions, suggestions......


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