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david weaver
I'm (I think) at the end of my tool buying binge after a decade and a half of a torrid pace. that's involved selling off a lot of things that I didn't find that great.

On the other side where there was a discussion re: designs of certain chisels, Wiley mentioned "we know that you have a preference for older english patterns in tools".

I'm sure that I've actually used that term, "english pattern" for tang chisels with a bolster, but I don't see myself as a "team" guy on anything, and (jokingly), I thought "Oh yeah, i'll prove you wrong!! I've got those in american made tools".

I don't know that much history about all of the makers. I assume that the Bucks went back and forth, and I don't know which tools were made where, so in that sense, I've got a gaggle of Buck tools. Maybe some americans.

But tang chisels surviving in any significant numbers from the turn of the century era don't seem to be that common with an american mark.

I found a single solitary LI&J white tang chisel with a forged bolster in my cabinet today. I have always admired their style (wiley's probably right, I gravitate to what's a more English style) and thought drawings of them were really striking in catalogs, but have not found much that isn't a large gouge, slick, framing chisel etc (things I don't really have a need for).

So, that makes them my elusive tool. Li&J white "normal" tang style bench chisels.

Here is a picture from a maybe long sold listing, non matching, but one of the close ups shows how neatly they were made.


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